Residence Hall Association

Residence Hall

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) works within Housing and Residence Life to encourage awareness of the residential student perspective in leadership development, programming, regional involvement, and advocacy. Through involvement and positive engagement, RHA provides opportunities to grow, learn, and establish connections within the residential community. RHA operates closely with Housing and Residence Life and Student Government to advocate on behalf of student needs.

What do we do?

RHA strives to develop the community through multiple social and leadership opportunities. RHA mission is to connect the community through programming to a diverse student body and attend local, regional, and national conferences to exchange ideas and information in order better on campus living.  RHA aims to increase the involvement of residents in on campus activities by creating a promising, supportive, and positive environment.

Why Join RHA?

RHA helps develop personal and leadership skills.  Getting involved allows you to collaborate and create solutions that may impact the course of your life -- and the lives of others.