Resident Assistant Job Description

Resident Assistant Job Description 2020 - 2021

Resident Assistants (RAs) are residential peer leaders who serve as student members of a staff team in Residence Life. The RA position has been designed to support the University Strategic Plan and for integrated education. RAs contribute to the development of a community of scholars in their respective communities by assisting the academic and personal development of residents, and by promoting and supporting an inclusive environment in which differences are thoughtfully explored. Additionally, RAs are expected to know and uphold University policies and community standards, work collaboratively to build community, be available to mentor students, and encourage responsible citizenship in the community and on the UNTD campus.
The following document describes the qualifications for application, selection, conditions of employment, and compensation for the RA position. Once assigned, the expectations of the RA role may be adapted to reflect the different needs, focus, theme, and unique character of the community.


To apply, candidates must:

  • Have a minimum cumulative and term GPA of 2.50 or above at time of application and during terms of employment;
  • Be enrolled as a full time undergraduate student (12 – 15 credit hours)
  • Be in good disciplinary standing with the University at time of application and during the entire term of employment (i.e. Disciplinary Probation. See Student Handbook for complete listing of policies);
  • At least one semester of on campus living experience is preferred

Once hired, an RA must:

  • Have the ability to commit to work through the following time periods:
    • Be available to return to campus as early as the first week in August for Fall Training, and have no other commitments until classes begin;
    • Be available until Monday after the hall closes for winter break;
    • Be available to return from winter break approximately the week prior to reopening in January;
    • Be available to work until Monday and the hall closes to assist closing the residence hall;
  • Live in assigned space and hold the RA position for one academic year;
  • Be available for all components of Student Staff Training including Spring Training (as determined by Leadership team), Fall Training before classes begin, and additional staff development as directed by the Leadership team;
  • Work an average of 20 hours a week in the RA position with more hours required (per week) during Fall Training period and when on duty;
  • Get approval of all secondary employment, extra-curricular activities, internships, etc. outside of those directly required by a specific course the student is enrolled in. The respective supervisor must be informed before any effort is initiated to participate (this includes running or applying for any additional leadership position on or off campus). RAs are limited to 12 hours total a week of secondary employment, extra-curricular activities, internships, etc.;
  • Be available for weekly staff meetings and department wide functions at a time TBD. This availability is required of all staff members and means that you commit to not scheduling any other activity, including any academic class or lab, during this time frame for the entire academic year.
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, as well as time-management;
  • Have the ability to respond to emergency situations including natural disasters where sight, hearing and speech, as well as unassisted upper body mobility may be required.


  • RAs will receive a designated single room with a single bathroom for the contract period.
  • RAs will receive a basic-14 meal plan for the contract period.
  • RAs will receive a monetary compensation of $200 per month for the contract period.

Job Responsibilities


  • Serve as a role model for responsible behavior, personal integrity, maturity, and commitment to mission of UNTD, both on-campus and off-campus;
  • Exercise good judgment and ethical decision making;
  • Facilitate a positive environment which holds residents accountable by creating an atmosphere of dignity and respect;
  • Work closely with community leadership team to support and assist fellow RAs in all areas of job performance;
  • Know and abide by University policies, including but not limited to those in the Student Handbook.

Community Development

  • Plan floor/building programs in order to build a strong community and to lead through example to encourage resident initiated projects;
  • Offer assistance and support for resident initiated projects and programs that support the mission and the values of the University;
  • Initiate opportunities to engage with students through active listening, spending significant time in your community, and showing genuine care and interest;
  • Facilitate the completion of the roommate agreements.
  • Attend and participate in all retreats and community-related meetings.

Integrated Education

  • Work collaboratively with the community leadership to support integrated education;
  • Work with the community leadership to plan co-curricular programs that intentionally build community
  • Work with community leadership to engage community members with campus events, service, and other resources;
  • Promote activities and resources that enhance academic success;
  • Fulfill the requirements of a special liaison area as assigned by the community leadership team.


  • Complete all requested written reports (incident reports, duty reports, public area inventories, damage reports, etc.) promptly and accurately;
  • Distribute official University materials and publications;
  • Facilitate completion of work requests and follow up on floor/community damage;
  • Assist in RA selection and training processes as directed by community Leadership team.

Duty and Emergency Response

  • Be available to assist in University emergency situations and educate residents about University emergency protocol and procedures;
  • Be on duty, when residence halls are open, one or more nights a week as scheduled (7:00pm-8:00am), a few weekend days during the semester (24 hours during the weekends), and some days of holiday and academic breaks (24 hours). RAs should not make plans for either Thanksgiving or Spring Breaks until they have scheduled duty for these periods. Winter break is excluded.);
  • Communicate, support, and uphold University policies, procedures and standards and initiate disciplinary procedures when appropriate.